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the largest seafood distributor and one of the most trusted sources of seafood knowledge and innovation in the seafood industry.
Our seafood processing plant in Sri Lanka, treats yellowfin tuna that only comes from sustainable fisheries. In business for more than 20 years, Tropic Frozen Foods follows all fishing practice regulations and is a Friend of the Sea©-certified company.

Friend of the Sea is the owner of the certification scheme for products originating from sustainable fisheries and aquaculture. The label on our pack
Food Safety
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Processing Methods
Exportation of
Yellowfin Tuna

Tropic Frozen Foods is registered with the USFDA and confirms that the processing and packing of our yellowfin tuna is in accordance with regulations. We have a system in place that allows us to communicate and be aware of new regulations.
Identifying & Traceability
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An important element of excellent product quality is traceability. It helps with the analysis of problems and establishes preventative and corrective actions to eliminate their causes. This requirement applies to raw materials, stored semi-finished intermediates,
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Any raw material (including additives) or packing material will be subjected to incoming inspection carried out by the Quality Assurance Division. When the quality is up to the company specifications, products are accepted to the stock and are assigned a