Processing Methods from Torrance, California
Exportation of Yellowfin Tuna
Tropic Frozen Foods is registered with the USFDA and confirms that the processing and packing of our yellowfin tuna is in accordance with regulations. We have a system in place that allows us to communicate and be aware of new regulations.

Our company exports by air and sea, adhering to USA equipment and priority requirements.

We Promise That :

• Our Chilled Products Will Be Airfreighted, & a Temperature of +4 Degrees Celsius Will Be Adhered to during Transportation
• Our Health Certificate, Packing List, & Invoice Will Accompany Shipment Documents
• Our Sea Freight Is for Frozen Products

Catching, Handling, & Storing
Tropic Frozen Foods only uses long-line fish as raw material. We ensure full traceability, from the catching vessel to the final product. Purse seine netting, gill netting, and pole and line products are not used in any of our factories. Purse seining in Sri Lankan waters is actually prohibited by law.

Turtle, Dolphin, & Bird Friendly
Tropic Frozen Foods employs methods that ensure all fishing is turtle, dolphin, and bird friendly. We only process fish caught through deep-sea fishing and surface long-line methods to prevent seabird fatalities.

Our lines are carried out into deep waters, away from reefs and rocks, to avoid catching sharks and turtles. Dolphin catches are not recorded, as long-line fishing methods do not attract them.

Our yellowfin tuna is individually wrapped in non-vacuum polythene without thermal seal. This packaging does not act as an air barrier and keeps the same natural environment. Plus, it minimizes the growth of Clostridium botulinum.

Identification & Traceability from Torrance, California
An important element of excellent product quality is traceability. It helps with the analysis of problems and establishes preventative and corrective actions to eliminate their causes. This requirement applies to raw materials, stored semi-finished intermediates, and finished products. Special consideration is given to shelf life and deterioration control.

Our quality assurance manager, production manager, and resident general manager are jointly responsible for ensuring that all products possess proper identification and traceability. These components serve multiple purposes and are designed to :

• Prevent Mix-ups during Processing
• Ensure That Only Materials That Meet Specification Are Used for Processing
• Facilitate the Process of Analyzing Failures & Taking Corrective Action
• Ensure Defective Products Are Recalled from the Field
• Make It Possible for Materials with a Short Shelf Life to Be Used on the
• Basis of the Principle "First in, First out from Stocks"

Incoming Inspections from Torrance, California
Any raw material (including additives) or packing material will be subjected to incoming inspection carried out by the Quality Assurance Division. When the quality is up to the company specifications, products are accepted to the stock and are assigned a unique code number for that stock of materials. The raw material code number consists of the factory arrival date in the form of Julian date coding. It originates from the production computerized system and is accessible from other network terminals, including packing and labeling computers.